Dominated by the outbreak of Covid-19, the past few months have been scary, sad, and for a lot of us – downright weird. For small businesses, it’s no different. Loss of trade, safety concerns, and endlessly confusing rules and restrictions have left a lot of small businesses feeling, well… very small indeed.

So, how can you help? As life slowly returns to the strange ‘new normal,’ it’s easy to get caught up in thoughts of haircuts, coffee, and actual, real-life pints (thank god.) But, why not take a minute, and use the opportunity to help out a small business along the way. Here are a few ideas to get you started.  

Empower your pound. 

Shop small to support small! We know that finances might be tight right now, so consider small changes with a big impact. Buy your Friday night wine from the local corner shop. Order the insta-worthy book that everyone is reading, but get it from an independent seller. Make your post-lockdown coffee fix a local one. Trust us, it’s better than Starbucks. 

If you’re not sure about buying right now, why not ask about gift cards, or see if you can pay in advance? You can claim your coffee, cake, or pizza slice whenever you’re ready, and the business will appreciate your support.  

Be virtually ‘there.’

Lots of small businesses work tirelessly to keep websites and social media accounts active, accessible and interesting. Support them. Whether it’s a few extra likes, a nice comment, or even a share – small businesses appreciate it all.

Social media has become such a large part of our everyday lives that we often forget about the people behind it; people who get excited about a well-reaching post, or a higher amount of clicks on their website. Make mindful engagements.

It might not seem like much, but your quick story share might just bring in the perfect customer. It’s a great excuse to use Instagram’s new ‘small business’ sticker. 

Use your words. 

If you like a small business, tell people about them. Write a good review. Talk about them on social media. Share your purchases. Sing their praises, shout it from the rooftops or simply natter about it with your Nana. Whatever it is, it’s powerful. 

Offer a helping hand. 

Not everyone has money to spend. But everyone has something to offer. Why not offer a skill of your own to a small business? Maybe you’re a blogger, or a social media whizz. Maybe you know how to build websites. Maybe you simply have a bit of time and a spare pair of hands. Swap a skill with a small business owner, and you both learn something new – no cash required. 

Be kind. 

Sometimes a smile is all it takes. We are, after all, in this together. If you can’t spend money right now, chances are – your local small business understands. Pop in, say hello, and have a good old chat. Times are tough, and it might just make someone’s day.

We’re passionate about helping small businesses and our very small team has been working tirelessly to advise and support our clients throughout 2020. If you’ve got a question, or need some advice about your small business, please get in touch