Working from home can wear thin for some, and that’s okay. It’s only natural to get stuck in a rut when you’re spending a lot of your work and personal life between the same four walls. 

Re-energise your working from home routine with some of these simple ideas. 

Rethink your schedule. 

Office life is very different from home working life, so why is your schedule looking the same?

Now that we’re working differently, it’s time to think differently too. Think about the time of day you work best at and prioritise your most important tasks accordingly. For example, it might suit you more to get up early and get a bulk of your work done by lunchtime, or you may only feel motivated in the afternoons or evenings. 

Working from home often gives business owners the flexibility to create a schedule that truly suits them. Let’s embrace that. 

Create a morning commute. 

While we don’t miss the realities of a morning commute – the traffic, the waiting around and the same songs playing on the radio – it’s true that physically travelling to the office helps many people get into the zone of working. 

When working from home, your commute usually involves a few steps from your bedroom to your desk, and it can be easy to slip out of a good routine. 

Why not create a working-from-home commute that prepares you for the workday and gets you in the right frame of mind?

Depending on your needs and preferences, this could be anything from a morning fitness session to getting changed into something that isn’t your PJs. 

Change up your surroundings. 

A change of scenery might not seem like a possibility right now – it’s not as easy as grabbing your laptop and heading out to a local coffee shop or coworking space. 

However, you can make small adjustments to your work-from-home area, whether you have a dedicated office space or use your dining room table. 

It’s often the little things that make all the difference. A house plant could be all it takes to brighten up your space. 

Meanwhile, switching out your old wooden chair for one that actually supports your back could really help motivate you to stay at your desk and get some work done. 

Get up and get moving. 

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of mixing up your routine, and including some exercise in your day can do wonders for your physical and mental health. 

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – we’re not expecting you to get ready for the next Olympics. Instead, opt for short, fun workouts that get you up off your seat and away from the laptop. 

Try some of the online classes and routines that seem to be in abundance right now. Or, head outside for a stroll and fresh air. 

Sticking your favourite album on and having a jig while you do some hoovering can be just as rewarding.

Be patient with yourself. 

Accept that you’re not going to be the King or Queen of productivity every single day. Distractions are a part of life, and some days will be less productive than others. 

It could take a while to get into a new routine and, as things change, your everyday schedule may have to change with it. 

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