Being self-employed can be lonely. And, while many enjoy the flexibility that working for yourself allows, it can be difficult to stay motivated or feel connected to the outside world when you go it alone.

Some decide to join co-working spaces, or regularly meet up with other freelancers to stay inspired.

Another option that’s rising in popularity is the podcast!

In the UK, around 7.1 million people listen to podcasts each week, with entertainment being the most popular genre.

We’ve rounded up some top podcasts to have a listen to, whether you’re looking for new business ideas, motivation or learn new skills.

Your Biz, Your Rules.

Daire Paddy’s podcast is all about running your business by your own rules. She talks about putting your personality into your business, how to stay on track when it comes to new launches and adding new clients and building a freelancer tribe to communicate with.

Listen to Your Biz, Your Rules on Apple Podcasts.

The Freelancer’s Teabreak

Shorter, snappier podcasts designed for those much-needed and much-loved teabreaks! Emma Cossey provides some of her top tips about making the most of your time and avoiding burnout at the same time.

Listen to The Freelancer’s Teabreak on Apple Podcasts.

Starting the Conversation.

If you’re starting up your business from scratch, Alice Benham’s podcast is the one for you. While still giving away some of her amazing tips, she also lets you know that there’s no right or wrong way to run your own business and learning as you go is essential!

Listen to Starting the Conversation on Apple Podcasts.

The One Girl Band.

The main aim of this podcast is to share stories, empower female business owners and provide support for each other too. Some episodes explore an area of business or a debate, some focus on interviews with female entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Listen to The One Girl Band here.

Make A Plan > Make It Happen.

If you’re thinking about taking the leap into self-employment, you might already have a side hustle.

Josephine Brooks’ podcast features interviews with freelancers and tips on anything from finding your space in a saturated market to launching a new product or service.

Listen to Make a Plan > Make it Happen on Apple Podcasts.

Creatively Human.

Ruth Poundwhite explores the issues facing creative business owners, but many of them cross over to other small business owners. She once again interviews fellow entrepreneurs who share their stories, struggles, and how they overcame them.

Listen to Creatively Human here.

Put Yourself First.

If you need inspiration and motivation, Kat Horrocks’ podcast is the best source! She explores all the topics surrounding owning your own business but also looks into taking time out for yourself and how other business owners balance their time.

Listen to Put Yourself First here.

We recommend listening to a podcast first thing in the morning before you start your working day. It’s a great way to get in the zone, ready to work and feel inspired while you build your empire.

At VSP, we’re small business owners, just like you. If you have any questions about starting your own business, going self-employed or setting up you’re own company, get in touch with us today.